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Full Turnkey Measuring Laboratory Solution

WENZEL Präzision GmbH was founded in 1968 by Werner Wenzel.

Since its foundation, WENZEL Präzision has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Coordinate Measuring Machines. The name WENZEL is synonymous with the highest precision and innovation in metrology. Wenzel products significantly contribute to the success of our customers; the demand by our customers on our products and services are high due to our quality and precision. 

Our daily mission at Wenzel is to transform the requirements of our customers into powerful metrology solutions. Leading companies in the automobile industry, mechanical engineering, the aerospace industry as well as the electrical and plastics industry trust the quality made by WENZEL and come back frequently as repeat customers.

40 Years of Wenzel

Werner Wenzel establishes WENZEL Präzision and manufactures test equipment and precision measuring tools.

Introduction of the first in-house-developed 3D measuring device

Award from the Bavarian Government for technical innovations 

Certification in accordance with VDA 6.4

WENZEL is selected to the list of the TOP 100 medium-sized companies in Germany

WENZEL is the founding member of the International Association of Coordinate Measuring Manufacturers

Delivery of 5,000th Coordinate Measuring Machine

New UK Wenzel Offices Opened In UK & assembly plant in China

Assembly plant opened in the USA