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Wenzel Metromec, Wenzel’s wholly-owned software subsidiary based in Switzerland, producers Wenzel’s main CMM software product, Metrosoft CM.

Metrosoft CM is the software choice from easy geometric programming up to complex multi-arm applications, utilising a range of touch-trigger or continuous contact scanning probes and tool changers. Even the latest 5-axis scanning probes like REVO can be operated with Metrosoft CM.

Metrosoft CM offers clear, concise, and uncomplicated programming icons for all levels of operators and has been developed through cooperation with leading companies in the automotive, machine tool and aerospace industries.

Metrosoft CM allows you to measure geometry and free form surfaces in one software package and is available in more than 14 languages. A range of standard CAD formats such as IGES, CATIA, STEP, ProE, UG, and PS are supported.

Considerable savings in programming time can be made through simple ‘click‘n’measure’ on elements on the CAD model with successive automatic measurement. Full machine and probe system kinematics are displayed along with the part CAD model offering automatic collision prevention, when off-line programming.

Versatile free form surface measuring including unrivalled 3D best-fit based on CAD data. Calculation of trim edges and offset curves and graphical representation of profiles and intersection curves with deviation vectors can be easily generated.

Metrosoft CM interfaces to over 80 measuring and peripheral devices from different manufacturers including, portable arms, laser trackers and any CMM via the I++ DME interface. Metrosoft CMM can act as the I++ client or server and can connect to the ‘Global Information Room’ via I++ DMS.

Flexible graphical and text reports can be with single or multi-view graphics with configurable boxes for elements, features or statistical reports.

Metrosoft allows the import, export or direct execution of DMIS V5.0 part inspection programs. Results can also be exported in DMIS format.

All part information is stored in a database which includes links to all related files (e.g. probe configuration, CAD model, report templates) Data is backed automatically. Export of the complete inspection plan in Windows standard formats: Excel, Access, dBase, or HTML.

Context sensitive and detailed online-help is available with comprehensive text illustrations, giving the user a completely integrated software manual.

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